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August 26, 2019

The DJI Osmo mobile 3, is the new DJI gimbal for mobile.
it is more compact and weight less.
what is really cool is that it is foldable, that way you bring it with you anywhere.
The grip is angled to make it confortable.
The trigger button is now there, and it is great.

I have choosen the combo version, that include a nice case and a tripod.
I use it for my social media creation and interviews. And can easely make the job for video creation.

Price : 129€
My Delivery time : 5 days from DJI website

#dji #osmo #osmomobile3 #moviecreator #movie #video #story #gimbal

DJI Osmo mobile 3
image 1 DJI Osmo mobile 3
DJI Osmo mobile 3
image 2 DJI Osmo mobile 3