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image  1 MacBook Pro 15 - 2018 I7 2,6GHz
19 février 2019

My configuration :
Processor : 2,6 GHz Intel Core I7
Memory : 32Go 2400 MHz DDR4
Hard Drive : 1To SSD
Graphics card : Radeo Pro 560X 4096 Mo

My daily usage are videos, Marketing creation, Keynote, PPT, Numbers, Excel and internet.

What I don't Like :
the price ! it is just too expensive and I know I am still crazy to buy it, but why?

Because I like :
The design, the material, the finition, the confort of usage, MAC OS, it is powerful, no lag, the thickness, the screen, the keyboard, touch bar, touch ID, Airdrop and the life time.

I understand you can have a wonderfull PC for cheaper, but I can't find the touch and UX that I have with a Mac or with apple product in general.

It is about 6 months now I am working with it daily 8 hours a day minimum, I bring it everywhere, and I haven't met any problems, any weird things I could have got with my PC.

I definitly recommend this amazing computer.