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Audi Jura
Concession Audi Jura
28 avril 2021

adrien.Best : La concession Audi Jura (AUDI Jura - THEVENOD SAS) est une magnifique concession basée à Lons Le Saunier. Accueil au top! Les équipes sont géniale ...

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Audi new RS6 Avant
09 septembre 2019

adrien.Best : The new Audi RS6 avant is just incredible, the design is gorgeous, muscled and powerful. This new RS6 looks incredible and I can wait to try it. Inter ...

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AUDI new S5 TDI what is going on?
17 avril 2019

adrien.Best : #AUDI #S5 #TDI #DIESEL #REVIEW #CARS #CARREVIEW After the new S7 S6 in TDI, Audi announce a new S5 in TDI. What is going on AUDI? I know that there ...

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AUDI S7 S6 sedan S6 Avant which one is the best ?
16 avril 2019

adrien.Best : Since my last reviews on the new Audi S6 sedan (review here : My heart is divided, they ...

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New Audi S6 Sedan Pre Review
11 avril 2019

adrien.Best : Audi has announced the New Audi S6 😱 This car looks absolutly amazing, perfect for a daily usage, for a long drive, can be a familly car with a uni ...

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