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image  1 Review restaurant Mamma Primi Paris
10 avril 2019

This Restaurant is just amazing, you can't make reservation, for diner, you better be at the door at 7pm.
Everything I have tasted is delicious. (address and menu top bottom)

I have first noticed the Devialet speakers on the wall, if the sound is good, the food will be 😉

I have started with the STRACCIATELLA FONDANTE FUMEE, wouaaou delicious, my recommandation for the restaurant would be to serve it with pizza dough instead of regular bread.

Then with a Pizza GOD SAVE THE REGINA, pizza dough perfect, one of the best pizza I have tasted.

I have also tasted the truffle pasta LA FAMEUSE PÂTE À LA TRUFFE,
and the truffle pizza TRUFFE MOI SI TU PEUX.
if you like truffle, it will be your plates.

And for the dessert the IL TIGRAMISÙ, tiramisu served as home in the dish, perfect.

I was looking at the other tables and everything were looking so tasty, next time I will take the BURRATA CRÉMEUSE it is for 2, and the pizza RED HOT PIZZA PEPPERS.

Personal, with a nice Italian accent, and a great service.

I was so impatient to taste my plate that I forgot to take pictures. The photos are from the restaurant.

The only thing I can say to conclude, if you are an Italian food lover, you need to go to this place, if you are not an Italian food lover, you will become one for sure.


Location, 71 Rue des Dames, 75017 Paris :