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image  1 The Witcher Netflix Review
20 décembre 2019

The Witcher is now on Netflix.
There are 8 episodes of about 1hour in the season 1.
The FX are great, comfortable to watch without knowing this hero.
I have never played the video game and I love the story, it makes me want to try the game.
Henry Cavill is awesome, the character fits him perfectly!
You could not imagine another actor than him.

We follows the journey of Geralt , a hero with no place in the human world. He's a lonely man and a hunter of monsters. On his way, where humans are often the mad, he meets a powerful witch and a young and mysterious princess protecting a dangerous secret. Together, they learn to evolve on this strange Continent, while fighting terrible creatures.

The fan of GOT should like the series.

Netflix, after 6 Underground :
( here is the review )
make a new big hit with The Witcher.
I loved it, spent a really good time and didn’t see the time flying. I can’t wait another season.

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